Developing Your Digital Dreams

Crafting tailored mobile, desktop, and web solutions
with the expertise of Kanoya Tech.

IT Consulting & Auditing

In the rapidly evolving landscape of mobile development, making informed decisions is crucial. With my IT consulting and auditing services, I will provide you with a set of expertises to match your needs.

Analyze your business goals, project requirements, and technological constraints

Choose the right technology stack that aligns with your objectives

Optimize your workflow

Address performance concerns and potential bottlenecks

Offer practical recommendations and actionable insights

Together, we will map out a clear roadmap to ensure that every step of your mobile app's development journey is well-informed and aligned with your business objectives.


Jumping in from the start or at any project phase, I offer a tailored range of development services designed to meet your needs:

Create polished and user-centric iOS and Android apps using modern and proven technologies like
SwiftUI, Flutter, Compose, .NET MAUI, and Fabulous

Translate your concepts into intuitive, visually appealing user interfaces

Optimize your workflow

Develop robust backend integrations

Ensure optimal performance, responsiveness, and scalability

Additionally, in collaboration with SeaMi Studio (, I can enhance your project further by offering comprehensive UI/UX design expertise, ensuring a well-rounded and visually appealing user experience.


From workshops to focused training, I offer training sessions for individuals and teams on tech stack
I mastered over my 10 years of experiences. Ex. Developing a mobile application using Fabulous.

If you are interested in training for other topics, please contact me and I will see if I can help you.

My Tech Stack

I believe the most important step of any project is to select the right tool for the right job. This allows me to adapt to your requirements across a wide range of mobile technologies. I'm also experienced with certain desktop and backend technologies.